Testoper Codeathon 2020 – Deep Dive Coding Program

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Why Testoper Codeathon?

The Testoper Codeathon is a deep dive coding program delivered by the collaborative engagement of community experts for the community members who are dedicated and inspired to play the role of an expert in future innovation. The intended program content is available at https://github.com/testoper/Codeathon

This program is free; however, you register and pay upfront to cover the program space, snacks, and dinner expenses for the whole year. To enjoy the benefits, reserve your spot today, while limited seats are available.

  • Start Date: Mar 5, 2020, from 6 to 8 PM
  • Recurrence: Bi-Weekly every Thursday
  • No of Sessions: 21 in 2020
  • Capacity: 30 Testopers
  • Location: TBD Mississauga/Brampton
  • Space and Food Expenses: 300 per person/per year

Who should attend Testoper Codeathon?

  • Architects, designers, and developers to learn test automation and operations skills in the world of agile to become the expert
  • Testers and operations experts for developing skills to advance career in the automation and intelligent automation space
  • The individuals who are hungry to stand out of the crowd and passionate about innovation in everything they do
  • The individuals who are determined to make a difference at work as an -Intrapreneur delivering continuous improvement, and innovation
  • And, for individuals to connect, develop, launch, and advance their Entrepreneur dreams into reality

Why encourage your Employer to sponsor Technical Testoper ticket?

Three simple ways:

1. Ask – A simple request is usually all it takes.

2. Stress the benefits – Additional skills training will make you a more productive employee. Be very specific – perhaps you’ll be able to help create software that will automate a business process, improve productivity and efficiency, and deliver and operate high-quality products

3. Articulate value versus cost – Your Employer will be pleased to know that they pay only for space and snacks/food costs and getting a lot. The actual program cost is free, and they’re hard to beat!

Alternatively, you may ask your Employer to Sponsor the whole event. Please see the other sponsorship tickets.

Program Details:

As a prerequisite, it is expected you to know the necessary basic programming skills. Even if you do not know, No WORRIES! You will learn it together with the community. The intended program content is available at https://github.com/testoper/Codeathon

The program will start with the:

1. General Track that will introduce the basics of automation and relevant disruptive technologies. And, it will set the excellent foundation for acquiring the breadth of knowledge, which is vital to spark the innovation within, and in what we do in subsequent Codeathon sessions. Then the program will be divided into two tracks one hour each finish to start (i.e.) a total of two hours.

2. The first one is the Intelligent Automation Track, and its goal is to develop the hands-on experience to become a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data scientist, and AI/ML intelligent automation expert. It will build the foundation for future innovation in this subject within your company as an Intrapreneur and an Entrepreneur.

3. The second one is the Automation for Testing and Operations Track. The goal is to develop automation skills that are mandatory for innovation to become an intrapreneur and entrepreneur in the world of testing, operating, and delivering high-quality applications products and solutions effectively, efficiently, and faster.

About Testoper Community:

Testoper is the intelligent automation community that helps enterprises, government, academics, and individuals to accelerate the pace of innovation. We are the non-profit community, passionate about innovation as a sport, to transform and advance testing, automation, and operations experts, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs succeed.

We do this by our community programs for the members dedicated and inspired to play the role of an expert in future innovation to make a difference in people’s life. And, we provide a platform to connect, develop, launch, and advance member’s dreams into a reality. It is the place to be for all who is hungry to stand out from the crowd, dedicated to continuous learning, foster innovation at work as an Intrapreneur, and aspire to become an Entrepreneur.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow” – by Rupert Murdoch 21st Century Fox.

Being fast is all about transformation, and success is all about welcoming it.

Join us!

Join Testoper Codeathon to become an expert!

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