Testoper Community brings Future Skills and Innovation to 2021

Testoper Community is the grassroot movement to watch in 2021. Read how they develop future essential tech skills and innovation here ► https://lnkd.in/eDGvQfP

Welcome to the Testoper Team

We are pleased to welcome to the team, Anjali Chhabra Nandwani and M.E (Peggy) Gilmour. They do us the honor to join the most incredible people-led grassroots movement of all time that tackles tech future skills and innovation challenges through continuous and lifelong learning initiatives.

By joining Testoper Community, they will participate in the growth and the realization of the massive transformative purpose “empowering every person to become a part of the tech ecosystem’s future workforce”. 

We wish Peggy and Anjali both super success and all the best.

BRAINYHACK Hackathon Supported by Testoper Community

At the Testoper Community, innovation is at the heart of what we do. 


We are a nonprofit people-led grassroots movement that tackles tech future skills and innovation challenges for the People, SMEs, and Government. We are a developer community that empowers every person to become a part of the tech ecosystem’s future workforce through continuous lifelong learning programs designed for accelerating every person’s career, intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial aspirations.


Testoper Community continuously works in bolstering up the innovation ecosystem in Brampton via different initiatives. We invite you to interview and learn with the expert from IBM, WaveLabs, and PwC how the importance of AI in Connected Industries and Automation is transforming the innovation landscape by registering HERE.


To further our massive transformation purpose and support the Brampton innovation ecosystem, we are pleased to sponsor BRAINYHACK, the beginner-friendly online hackathon organized by Brampton Library. The industry leaders from the Testoper Community will be supporting the hackathon, judging, mentoring, providing workshops, and giving away prizes for the winners. 


Join BRAINYHACK for building hacks for lifelong learning by registering HERE.


Let us make our innovative tomorrow together!