Testoper Innovation Summit 2020 – Hackathon and Showcase

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Testoper Innovation Summit

Testoper Innovation Summit is the high-profile two days program for building ecosystems of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, and accelerating its impact at scale. It gathers enterprises, government, academics, and individuals for learning ideas together, building real-world solutions, showcasing the latest research, innovation, ideas, and results in the area of the future Intelligent Automation. Testoper Innovation Summit will catalyze innovation, intrapreneurship, and entrepreneurship with its two featured program tracks. They are:

1. Testoper Hackathon on Intelligent Automation

The platform for innovators, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs to learn ideas together, form teams, build solutions to real-world challenges and launch startups.

2. Testoper Innovation Showcase on Intelligent Automation

The platform to showcase the latest research, innovation, ideas, and results through the presentation, open and transparent group discussions, and exhibits.

Who should attend the Testoper Innovation Summit?

  • The aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pitch ideas, network, team up, learn, develop MVP, present, win, and start their startup
  • The early-stage companies to showcase innovation, get exposure to like-minded experts, entrepreneurs, customers, and investors
  • The enterprises, government, and academics passionate about innovation and intrapreneurship seeking partners and alliances
  • The industry experts, thought leaders, scientists, visionaries, forward thinkers, and inspiring speakers to share experiences
  • The investors, judges, and mentors to explore joint venture, strategic alliances, and collaborative partnership

Register today to participate, win awesome prizes, and get support to start or accelerate your company’s strategic goals. To enjoy the benefits, reserve your spot today while limited seats are available.

About Testoper Community

Testoper is the intelligent automation community that helps enterprises, government, academics, and individuals to accelerate the pace of innovation. We are the non-profit community, passionate about innovation as a sport, to transform and advance testing, automation, and operations experts, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs succeed.

We do this by our community programs for the members dedicated and inspired to play the role of an expert in future innovation to make a difference in people’s life. And, we provide a platform to connect, develop, launch, and advance member’s dreams into a reality. It is the place to be for all who is hungry to stand out from the crowd, dedicated to continuous learning, foster innovation at work as an Intrapreneur, and aspire to become an Entrepreneur.

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow” – by Rupert Murdoch 21st Century Fox.

Being fast is all about transformation, and success is all about welcoming it.

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