Meetup -5G for Connected Industries and Automation

September 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Meetup -5G for Connected Industries and Automation @ Virtual
Interview and learn with an expert the importance of 5G for Connected Industries and Automation are transforming the innovation landscape.

About this Event

Register and Join us on Sept 18, 2021, Testoper Meetup to Interview and learn with an expert the importance of 5G for Connected Industries and Automation are transforming the innovation landscape.

Sub Topics and Speakers:

to be announced…

Meetup Agenda:

10.00 AM to 10.15 AM – Joining & Welcoming

10.15 AM to 12.00 PM – Presentation , Panel Discussion and Q&A

12.00 PM to 1.00 PM – Announcement, Open discussions and Networking

If any of the community members have an announcement to make such as new events, initiatives, innovation, recruitment, searching jobs, etc., please reach out before the Meetup event at to facilitate and maximize the benefit and outcome.

Virtual Meetup Microsoft Teams Invitation to Join:

Why Testoper Meetup?

Develop tech future skills and innovation on the big picture of various disruptive intelligent digital technologies shaping different industries.

Join us to become the community to enable future skills and innovation.

Who should attend Testoper Meetup?

  • Technical experts to learn disruptive technologies, network, develop and advance their career
  • Business experts to connect with like-minded to discover partnerships, leads, and opportunities
  • Organizations to find the right talent, partners, and solutions for their digital transformation journey
  • Academics to collaborate with industry experts, and learn the real-world experience
  • And, for all passionate about innovation, and aspiring to become intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

About Testoper Community:

We live through a fundamental transformation of ‘automation’ and ‘machines’ that replace human tasks, which change the skills organizations look for in every person. The organization requires the future workforce to have a future skill that includes depth and breadth of expertise, nimble adaptive ability to work on intelligent technology solutions and can pivot into new opportunities quickly. They are also passionate about continuous lifelong learning, innovation, intrapreneurship, and entrepreneurship.

Testoper is the nonprofit developer community that empowers every person to become a part of the tech ecosystem’s future workforce by enabling tech future skills and innovation to deliver and operate intelligent technology solutions through continuous learning programs designed for accelerating their career, intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Testoper Programs aim to develop future skills and innovation at the heart of growth in the age of intelligent technology. They are hand designed and delivered by community experts for every person in the community. These programs, such as Meetup, Codeathon, Masterclass, Projects and Hackathon, develop specific skills and comprehensively enable future skills and innovation to become part of the tech ecosystem’s future workforce. We focus on 360-degree future skills and innovation development considering technological, architectural, technical, process, and business advancement. It helps to sharpen talent, to innovate, think holistically, and respond to challenges while creating new worlds.

Why to Join Testoper Community:

Join to experience how intelligent technologies in the tech ecosystem will impact your professional growth options, develop tailored tech skills and innovation through continuous learning to prepare for the local market demand, and take control of long-term outcomes.


  • Continuous life-long and experimental learning with hands-on experience in community projects
  • Mentorship to advance career pathways, develop an innovative mindset and future proof skills
  • Guidance to transform into intrapreneur and entrepreneur
  • Networking opportunity and program attendance for a free or nominal fee
  • Attendance / donation / sponsorship recognition with awards / certification

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