Enable future skills and innovation to become the entrepreneur.

Why Testoper Hackathon?

Develop entrepreneurship knowledge leveraging your tech future skills and innovation to create ideas, form teams, and build solutions to real-world challenges within a tech ecosystem.

Who Should Attend?

  • The aspiring entrepreneurs who want to pitch ideas, network, team up, learn, develop MVP, present, win, and start their startup
  • The early-stage companies to showcase innovation, get exposure to like-minded experts, entrepreneurs, customers, and investors
  • The enterprises, government, and academics passionate about innovation and intrapreneurship seeking partners and alliances
  • The industry experts, thought leaders, scientists, visionaries, forward thinkers, and inspiring speakers to share experiences
  • And, the judges, mentors, and investors to support and explore joint venture, strategic alliances, and collaborative partnership

Register and join us here and here.